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Who We Are

E-Global SCM was incorporated in year 2005 and registered under Companies Commission of Malaysia , Government of Malaysia. It was operating as partnership companies since 2000 as Com Object Solution as the name of the company was perceived by the partners, to develop and design business solutions using Object Oriented Concept . Now OLD idea has evolved into E-Global Culture to inspire development of Enterprise application in a reusable business application object to enable Web 2.0 Rapid & Rich Internet Application development (R2AD) to deploy Web based , Cloud based applications .

Corporate Profile

E-Global SCM Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian company, which was founded in 2000 as (Com Object Solution) Solution, and incorporated under the Company Act 1965 as a private limited company in 2005. The former company’s main activities are to design and develop software solutions for a wide range of SME industries in Malaysia , Brunei and Singapore.

Started to develop software since 1994, from Xbase system to Win32 windows system, from Local network to internet applications, E-Global have been updating our technologies knowledge many through our hand on experience in the successful implementation of various projects.

We have customized projects for Packaging Industries, Brick Manufacturer, Food Manufacturers, Chemical Mixing Industries, and also Servicing Industries such as:

  1. Hotel Management System
  2. Membership Management Software
  3. Golf Club Billing Management System
  4. F&B POS
  5. Retail Point of Sales System
  6. Payroll System
  7. Time Clock / Attendance System
  8. Human Resource Management System
  9. Palm Oil Laboratory Quality Test Record System

But throughout years of integration, we focus our services on 2 main category which they are ERP/CRM Applications implementation & Business Process Management (BPM) Consultation Service . Currently we have customers based in Penang , Kuala Lumpur , JB , Kota Kinabalu and Singapore.

Begin year 2005 , E-global was given an opportunity to help Chevon International Pte Ltd , an international Radiator manufacturer which has 4 different sites,Singapore , Malaysia JB, KL and China to roll out FULL ERP system and serve its operations from CAD/CAM Product Life Cycle management (PLM) to Operation , Manufacturing and Accounting management for multiple companies , multiple sites and multiple warehouses/ locations . We leverage on OpenERP platform and manage to deploy successfully for the Company major operations i.e. Sales management , Purchase management , BOM management , warehouse management , production management and Account management.

Driven by our passion in software development we always seek new ways in serving our customer through our awareness of the widely available Open Source technologies We would like to help Malaysia , Singapore or regional SME to leverage on all existing resources using OpenERP or Opensource platform.

By our vast experiences in integration and our exposure in wide range of back-ends databases such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Borland Interbase, Firebird SQL, Postgres SQL, SQLLite, DB2, Oracle, Paradox and some others widely use desktop database. We are able to assist most of the data migration for the legacy system of SME.

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Our Service policy is to deliver what we have promised; on time, responsive and be technically competence ready all the time.

We will be launching our latest products:

1. Web Based Logistic Freight Management System integrated with OpenERP

2. SaaS based Property Management System integrated with OpenERP

3. SaaS based ERP / CRM System localized OpenERP

4. SaaS based Payroll / Human resource system integrated with OpenERP

5. POS System integrated with OpenERP

Our future development will mainly focus on providing quality services by re-architecture all our range of products into Cloud based enabled applications (CBEA) , providing SaaS ,Data Warehousing & Reporting Service (DWRS), BPM Consultation services(BPMS) and Outsourcing software development services(OSDS) . As most of our future products will be based on SaaS model , leveraging emerging on great open source framework such as OpenERP, Google technologies ,this will allow us to provide our SME customer a very cost effective way for a quality software .

Basically we want to help our customer to lower the Total Cost of Ownership by pay only for a quality professional software services.

With our extensive exposure and knowledge in various databases and cross platform background; both Windows and Linux solutions and we aim to provide a satisfying services through responsive internet Remote Desktop (VNC/RDP/Nx,Linux based) support for All our software solutions, we are aiming to become one of the local software service provider in Malaysia, Singapore and gearing to grow globally together with our SME Clients .

As we have deployed and implemented for our clients in both intranet or remotely through internet infrastructure therefore we are also competence in providing Thin-Client / Diskless VIRTUALIZATION solutions in both windows (Thin Client Terminal Server) and Linux (LTSP Linux Terminal Server Project) Server .

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E-Global Vision

To be he Best regional openERP Service Provider in ERP consultation or implementation for SME industries of Private School ,budget Hotel operators , Asset management and Logistic companies.

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E-Global Business Technology Careers

E-Global is an extremely diverse global aware company of highly talented technology enthusiasts who enjoy technically challenging work. We provide practical programming and Server technology implementation in Windows and Linux platform for our clients, including High Availability database solutions , Virtualization Server implementation, Custom windows/web/linux/PDA application solutions development and Software maintenance.

At E-Global SCM Solutions, we always seek those who enjoy technology challenges to help E-Global’s clients succeed. If you are looking for quality services with a highly technical skills , you should consider E-Global SCM Solutions.

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Our Work and Learning Environment

For people with problem-solving minds and technical skills, E-Global SCM Solutions offers a collaborative and challenging work environment. Our corporate culture recognizes diversity, respects individual differences, and encourages people to achieve. E-Global culture encourages our staffs to keep a healthy work-life balance. We strive to create a friendly and a creative atmosphere.

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The E-Global SCM Solutions Culture

We value professionalism, not uniformity. Acknowledging the different working styles, values, backgrounds, and ideas are part of our strength yet consolidating our strength to provide solutions are our major culture driver.

Our open atmosphere is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas.

At E-Global we have a learning culture, where everyone is encouraged to expand their technology skills everyday by working on challenging projects and In house R&D presentation are part of our habit to pass on knowledge for E-Global varous toolset technologies platform.

We build a supportive culture where everyone are required to work with a team for any project-related tasks and cases are tracked using CRM application so that all personnel will be able to access all important case description and knowledge base learned . We hope by centralizing all our supporting knowledge base and Case, we can provide a highly responsive assistance for our valuable customers .

When given a technical challenge, we throw ourselves into it. We brainstorm, collaborate, build ,analyze and most important We Will deliver !.

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Executive Summary

Established : Since 2000 (Com Object Solutions as Partnership company and incorporate as E-Global SCM Solutions Sdn Bhd since 2005) and E-Global IT Solutions (Singapore, 2012) , E-Global Business Solutions ( Kota Kinabalu , 2012 )

Director : Kalmen Chia (USQ Bachelor in IT, Com Object Solution and E-Global SCM Solutions Sdn Bhd) Experiences in software development environment since 1995.

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