Our Partners

We work closely with our partners and we select our partners carefully , good partner that can compliment to our projects and gain valuable for our clients is not easy to find , everyone also can do the job well but can do the job deliver with the same competency & quality are hard to find , the business partner listed below are not only is our valuable business partners that compliment our work but they too are our close friends , with years of working different projects together ,

    • Wirednest - our web hosting , web design and web application & user interface partner at JB , johore .
    • GXK - our design and concept consultant , friends & partner for years at KK

Xpansa - Our partner which has their domains in various ERP platform , Oracle , Odoo and has recently develop the "FIRST FULL/COMPLETE" mobile Apps for Odoo and we are very honor to be able to partner with them so that we can provide a better services to our clients .